Vichy, France – Do they have the fountain of youth?

Vichy night creamI have been in France for about two weeks now. Vichy, actually if you have heard of it? Maybe from an L’Oreal commercial or product. Vichy is important for L’Oreal as they have a lab here and Vichy is an important brand of products. It is no coincidence L’Oreal is using the Vichy name in the marketing. Vichy’s has been known for centuries for their thermal springs and their reputation for healing powers. L’Oreal is extracting minerals and god knows what from the earth, water and whatever they can break apart and analyze in the unholy search for healing powers and the fountain of youth.

Well, I haven’t really looked so much into the hot springs and the L’Oreal business quite yet, but I figured that could give you a reference point to where I am.

Ahhh, and Vichy is famous for being Frances Nazi capital during World War 2, but I will come back to that later. Enjoy some photos in the mean time.

Minigolf  in Vichy, France

They have this cute little Mini Golf Course by the river. It was not open and it looked like it had been closed for years, but the effort they had put into building it was fascinating.

House shaped as a castle, vishy France

There was a street we found with houses built around 1900 where the theme seemed to be castle. Most of the houses was drawn by the same architect.

House as castle in Vichy, France

This house is from the same street. You see the castle theme, but also notice the first floor that is painted on.

Demonstrations in Vichy, France

Here is from one of the demonstrations against president Sarkozy’s reforms. As you can see… the media is right. It is predominantly stone-throwing-kids raising havoc… or maybe just potentially stone-throwing-kids (in the future) … since it is only smaller children in these photos demonstrating with their parents.

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