The most isolated city in the world – Perth

Perth skyline by night

Perth skyline by night from Kings Park

The closest neighboring city is 4 hours west…. In flight! Fly north for about 5 hours and you are in Darwin or you could go west for a 10 hours flight to Johannesburg. That is the neighboring cities of Perth. However, if you decide to go to Perth, you will not necessarily feel alone and isolated. People are welcoming and friendly there.

They say it is a city with a small town atmosphere. That is because the city is so spread out in suburbs. The climate is pleasant with long warm summers and the winters are mild. They have a beach that runs along the whole city, more than 40 kilometers.

Check out the old Fremantle, the city that grew together with Perth. There is a very cozy Main Street with old shops and bars to hang out in. Maybe take a wine tour to the wineries and taste the famous wines from Western Australia. Before you get too pissed on the wine tour, try one of the many restaurants the city has to offer. The city is beginning to gain recognition for its diversity in restaurants.

Surfing is big in Perth, so go to the beach in the morning and have look at some great talents or drive a few hours south to Margaret River and measure yourself up against the pros.

Western Australia is about 1/3 of Australia and it is a wild country. If you want to really GET AWAY you can rent (or buy a cheap) car and drive out into the bush lands.

Perth might be the little different experience away from the usual tracks in Australia. Check it out!

Hillarys harbour, Perth

This is a picture i took in Hillarys Harbour in the north part of the city


Perth from Kings Park

This photo is from Kings Park with the view of the center of perth in the background


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