This is the party center of the universe!

Tu Candela Bar in Cartagena de Indias

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Do you remember the best party you have ever been to? The party where nobody was sitting. The music was pumping. The music had Rhythm. The type that is so easy to dance to. The music that everybody loves. The air was warm and humid from the sweat… and the people…. the people they are just smiling and laughing… dancing. Everybody is having the time of their life. Those moments don’t come every weekend. Maybe only once every 2-3 years… maybe only once in a lifetime. Well, there is a place where that party goes on every night and that is “Tu Candela” in Cartagena, Colombia.

Dancing in Tu Candela Cartagena

The clubs in Cartagena looks surprisingly similar to any other club in the world with a few minor differences. They have the chairs, the tables, the bar, the stereo and all the wall accessories to set the mood. But you soon discover that there is no dance floor. Where is this party going to happen? Well, the answer is simple…. EVERYWHERE. The dance floor is every possibly open space in the room and it will be packed with dancing people. The tables… off course, usually for drinks, occasionally turn into a dance floor as well, but the bouncers don’t appreciate it.  The chairs are NOT for sitting! They are for resting… when you can’t possibly coordinate your extremities into one last dance move anymore… that chair will be there for you to get a little life supporting rest before you are back in the groove again.

People in Tu Candela Cartagena

I had a friend visiting a few years ago. He is the “I-have-never-danced-and-will-never-dance” type. He just does not move… not to music anyway. Cartagena is no place for such a man. This is not a man that has never seen the good parts of life. At this particular time in history he had surprised me by waiting for me at the patio when I came home. He had come bicycling from the airport. He just came from Peru, where he had been bicycling in the Andes Mountains for 4 months with not much more than a good personality and gigantic knife. However, he had a great time in Cartagena. He absolutely pure and simply loved it. I am not going to lie to you… he never danced in Cartagena either, but he told me; “I have never been so close!”

Drinks at the table in Tu Candela Cartagena

Tu Candela is not the only club that rocks big-time in Cartagena. Many would say it is not even the best. But no one can argue with the fact that Tu Candela rocks big time every night of the week. Hitting the right club in Cartagena and you will have the best time of your life. You will be drawn into the pulsating atmosphere of the dancing Colombian people. People that are smiling constantly. And the best thing is: you don’t even have to know how to dance. Just let loose… Let those limbs fly and enjoy yourself. Nobody will check you out. Not your dancing anyway. They easily prefer bad moves to no moves.

Tu Candela Bar in Cartagena


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