The three KL towers and other birds

Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I took this photo in 2004, when I briefly visited Kuala Lumpur on my way up to Nakhon Si Thammarat, in Thailand. It was rainy season and as you can see… it is building up. This gave the photo a fantastic atmosphere. Like in a movie… and something bad is about to happen. When it rains in Kuala Lumpur… it is not pretending to throw a few drops… it IS seriously raining.

The towers are the most famous landmark of the city and an absolute must. However, there are other attractions that are well worth exploring. Height and tall things seems to come natural to the Malaysians and one of their other attractions is also a tall structure. Where the Petronas towers only let you get about half way up to the Skybridge about 170 meters into the air, the Kuala Lumpur Tower takes you 335 meters into the air…. and it is on a hill as well! Letting you see KL from a pretty impressive bird’s eye view.

KL Tower

Foto from Everything Kuala Lumpur

There is more to do than just neck damaging activities in KL. When I was back there in 2002 I checked out the Bird Park. It is a nice chilled atmosphere with the hypnotizing sounds of birds whistling. It really takes your mind out of the buzzing city of KL. Here will see some birds you guaranteed have not seen before. Some are quite friendly as well, but as goes for most birds that try to sneak up for chitchat… they are most likely after your food or beverages.


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