About me

I am SailingThis is a blog about my experiences from a few years of traveling. I share some of my photos, tips, funny and scary experiences on the road and on water. The blog is meant to be an inspiration to travel and to seek new experiences. I try to blog about traveling in a bit different way than just the presentation of a place.

It all started back in 2002 when I moved from Norway to Australia for 3 years. I started out traveling in Thailand, and Malaysia. I went on to check out more of Australia before I took an around the world trip in 2003 going to USA, Mexico, Fiji, and New Zealand. In 2004-2005 I was back in Asia and explored more thoroughly Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

In 2006, never before been in a boat, I bought a sailboat Venezuela together with a friend. We named her “Sloth”   and went on sailing to Curacao and Colombia. From Colombia we traveled over land to Ecuador and Peru.

Since then spent most of my time between Colombia and Europe.

Enjoy the ride!

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