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Impressions from two weeks in Vichy

  • Small dogWell dressed people
  • Small dogs
  • Pooh from small dogs on the streets
  • Thin young man with glasses, thin ponytail, cowboy hat and cowboy coat
  • Croissant
  • Baguette
  • Small beers
  • 1661
  • Armoire
  • Beautiful old houses
  • A few drivers who did not stop at zebra stripes

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Can you watch a full length movie that has no dialogue?

The Triples from Belleville movie posterDo you think you can watch a movie of over one hour where the characters don’t talk? I didn’t think it was possible, but I took the challenge and watched the French movie The Triples from Belleville. The only words uttered in this movie are the refrain on the song in the beginning of the movie (see the clip) and some voices in radio and TV. However, you can safely watch this movie in the original language even if you don’t know French (I don’t either).

The story is about a grandmother who loses her grandson to kidnappers while he is racing in the Tour the France. He is taken over seas and she follows him to rescue him. She gets unexpected help from a group of old French singers from the Fred Astaire period.

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Vichy, France – Do they have the fountain of youth?

Vichy night creamI have been in France for about two weeks now. Vichy, actually if you have heard of it? Maybe from an L’Oreal commercial or product. Vichy is important for L’Oreal as they have a lab here and Vichy is an important brand of products. It is no coincidence L’Oreal is using the Vichy name in the marketing. Vichy’s has been known for centuries for their thermal springs and their reputation for healing powers. L’Oreal is extracting minerals and god knows what from the earth, water and whatever they can break apart and analyze in the unholy search for healing powers and the fountain of youth. Read the rest of this entry »

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